I'm sorry to inform you that most of the downloads on this page don't work.. :( I'll have a closer look at this asap, but 'till then: Please be patient.. ;)
A while ago, I found out about the great "origami CD-Cases". A complete CD-Case made out of one din a4 sheet of paper. Just great when you're exchanging a lot of data on CDs and DVDs.. :)
There do exist some scripts on the web to print these cases, but the places, where to find 'em vary and sometimes they're all offline.. So I created my own script and now I've added it to my homepage.. :) (see the main-menu..) 
Hooray! That was easy..! :) Some days ago, I searched for a decent CMS, as I did many times before.. And I found... ...Joomla! :) It was easy to install, customize, edit and comes with a huge comunity. So my decision was made: I'll switch! :)
And so I did... In only three days! :)
I already imported nearly all the data from my old homepage  and what's missing will come within the next few days... If you have problems, finding back what you're looking for, feel free to ask me... :)