Ja, okay, mittlerweile bin sogar ich davon überzeugt, dass es keinen Sinn macht, Webseiten mit den Monitoren immer breiter und breiter werden zu lassen...

Vor Allem die Übersichtlich- und Lesbarkeit leiden darunter sehr. Ein gutes Beispiel ist war meine Website.. ;)

As part of "mission no more joomla 1.0 compatibility" ('cos it is ancient!) I replaced my old Downloads Component.
This means, alls the download links changed.. So if youre direct-linking to a download on this page, you should update your link..

I'll do some more updates today, so never mind, if something's not working right now. Come back tomorrow and everything's gonna be new and shiny.. ;)

Heyya! \o/

Just yesterday, I thought: "Humm.. I could make a new template for my homepage..!" So I did and now it's online.. :) I hope you like it!
Even more important: I hope it works with your browser..! Up to now, it should work with all modern browsers like Firefox, IE7+, Opera, Safari and Konqueror. I'ld bet it looks terrible with older Internet Explorers but that's okay for me and for now.. I'll fix that, later.. :)

If you're using a decent browser and encounter any problems, please tell me, using the comments of this article..!