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dArch dArch KDM

dArch KDM Theme v0.1
stuffed together by Philipp Giebel (


I created this KDM-Theme, 'cause "kmaster" asked me to.. :)
It is based on the dArch bootsplash created by "Rensel" and "BigBadPenguin".
It's pretty clean and simple but since nobody liked my last arch-theme, which
was quiet coltish (?), I decided to keep it simple, this time.. ;)
I'ld really like to add a userlist, but this only works with KDE 3.5.1 for
me. In 3.5.2 the list is completely white and no users are listed.
If anybody has a hint about that, I'll be happy to add it.. :)


Use KDM-Theme ( to
install this theme via KCM..


This KDM-Theme is built out of many other peoples work... Here's the list:

dArch bootsplash by Rensel and BigBadPenguin
( /

Other Icons:
Glaze by Mart


Contact me via email or leave a comment on

v0.1 - 2006-04-10 - initial release
Created 2007-01-17
Changed 2022-12-06
Size 643.41 KB
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Downloads 2,580
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