As you might have recognized, I'm quiet a music addict. Mostly the electronic variety, pretty much eclectic.. 😊

I always tried to be a productive member of the electronic culture since the early nineties, but I've never done it professional and I'm not aiming to.

The most professional thing, I ever did, was a weekly show for several webradios (,, called "HappyHappy JoyJoy", starting 2005.
After a big break in 2009, the show is on air again on an irregular basis since 2012.

Since I'm a very eclectic listener, my mixes also are. The styles are spanning from breakbeat to drum'n'bass, from acid to techno, from funk to jazz, ...
Most important and only thing in common is: Fun! It's gotta make me smile and I hope it does make you smile, too. 😃

Oh, eh, and in 2017, I released an album mix called "Two Point One" for Chris Maico Schmidt aka Mike S. on Evosonic Records... 😉

This is the place, where you can listen, download and comment on some of my bigger mixes, I did over the last years.

For recordings of my show on and more stuff, you can also add me on soundcloud, mixcloud and hearthis: