Since more and more really cool Joomla-extensions are v1.5-only, I decided to upgrade one first test-site from 1.0.x to 1.5.x... That site was this one,you're currently looking at.. :)

This was a task far less trivial than I first thought, but it is, as always, very well documented..

But still: Everything is new and so there may still be some flaws.. If you encounter any problems don't hesitate to leave a comment..!

Heute hat otaku42 mir einen Link zu einem sehr geilen Projekt geschickt:
Dank unseres Bundes-Schaeuble wird der ehemalige Rechtsstaat Deutschland immer mehr zu einem Ueberwachungsstaat ausgebaut.. Leute, die das Internet nutzen, um ihre politische Meinung kund zu tun werden immer haeufiger durch verschiedene Regierungs-Behoerden ueberwacht.

After having upgraded to php5, my download-component wasn't working anymore.. Now I recognized and fixed that so everything should be up and running again.. :)