thumb minibrute template

Since some months, I'm a proud owner of an Arturia MiniBrute analogue synth.

Despite being analogue, it comes with presets. Analog presets: Sheets of paper you can put on your synth and set all the knobs and switches corresponding to the marks on the sheet.

It also comes with some empty templates, you can use for your own presets, but I didn't find a way to order more when the few included are all used up..

So, I decided to create my own one, I can print and cut out myself.

Funfact: I'll never, ever cut out all these holes manually! Not a single time! Wink
If you're really frustrated and in need of more templates, you can send this to a print shop and let them do the cutting.
A quick and non-representative check on the interwebs said: Approx. €250,- for the cutting.

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